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Sky Football Tips Access to Sky Football is only available as part of a paid subscription. According to Sky Sports Football, it offers resolutions of 720p or 1080p (Full HD) if there is an internet connection of at least 6 Mbit/s. Content is transmitted via Internet streaming to stationary and mobile devices such as desktop and laptop computers, streaming boxes, smart TVs, smartphones, tablets or game consoles (over-the-top content). Due to a cooperation between Sky and Sky Football, it is also possible to stream Sky Football via a Sky Q receiver. In a test area in Norderstedt, Sky Football could also be received via the cable provider for a while. From November 2020, the channels Sky Sports Football 1 and Sky Sports Football 2 can be received via cable at Vodafone. Since the summer of 2021, Sky customers have been able to book Sky Football, including the football predictions in Germany and Austria via Sky Q, Sky+ and the Sky Q Mini Box due to a cooperation between Sky Football and Sky. Billing and customer service are via Sky. Customers will then have access to the Sky Sports Football app, as well as the two linear Sky Sports Football channels, Sky Football 1 and Sky Football 2 in HD. Since February 13, 2022, the channels Sky Football 1 and Sky Football 2 can also be received via cable at Vodafone West.

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With a Sky Football subscription, reception is also possible abroad. You can log in and watch your home country’s Sky Football program anywhere in the EU. From 2018 to summer 2021, Sky Sportsbars had the opportunity to receive two channels (Sky Sports Football 1 Bar HD & Sky Sports Football 2 Bar HD) as part of a subscription via Astra satellite or cable TV. These channels were discontinued in July 2021 in favor of a standalone business solution called “SKY SPORTS FOOTBALL For Business”. Business customers such as bars, hotels, restaurants or sports homes then have access to Sky Football content and betting predictions with the Sky Sports Football TV box.
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